Must-See Beaches On Gozo

Turquoise crystal clear waters of the Blue Lagoon and Crystal Lagoon, gorgeous red sandy beaches at Ramla and San Blas Bay are a delightful view for every traveller on the island. Right just between Comino and Cominotto islands, Blue Lagoon and Crystal Lagoon offer an amazing scenery for both walkers and of course swimmers and those who snorkel around its numerous caves.


Blue Lagoon Malta
Did you know that Blue Lagoon was a top hideaway spot for Mediterranean pirates?


Blue Lagoon
Lovely view of Blue Lagoon beach from Cominotto island


Ramla bay Gozo
Picturesque view of Ramla bay, Gozo


Hondoq bay, Gozo
Hondoq beach in the eastern part of Gozo


San Blas bay, Gozo
Pretty and secluded San Blas bay, Gozo.


Blue Lagoon Comino
A secluded spot with crystal clear waters at Blue Lagoon, Malta