Gozo best ftira and pizza – Free Food Tasting Tour of Gozo!

Gozo best ftira


Gozo best ftira preparing and eating in the countryside was the main activity of our amazing free food tasting tour surprise we prepared for our guests from Germany!

After we picked them from Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo boutique accommodation  we visited some amazing hidden local gems, enough to start getting very hungry!

Then, we went for lunch.

No, not a restaurant!

Got to one of our favourite Gozo family bakeries and there we had the Gozo best ftira, the local pizza version perfectly done in the old log oven.

In Malta and Gozo, the ftira has a thicker crust and dough similar to bread making and different toppings.

But the Gozo best ftira looks and tastes are second to none!  

gozo ftira at mediterranea seaviews holidaysongozo.com

There, the bakers and I invited our guests to actually help us prepare the ftiras in the oven.

Guests were simply delighted with such hands-on-activity and pizza making on Gozo.

In these pictures, Rosi and Ewald, our guests are taking out very carefully 🙂 the fresh sheep cheese ftira…

ftira Gozo

…and then also taking out from the old oven the mouth-watering Gozo tuna ftira or pizza.

Gozo ftira making at Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo

The cheese ftira just taken out from the old log oven. Incredible aroma!

Rosi and Ewald could not stop taking pictures!!! 🙂 while at the same time, we were all in a such a hurry to start dining!!! 🙂

Gozo best ftira

After leaving the bakery, we found a secret panoramic spot, away from it all… and there we had the ftiras (plural of ftira) together. 

It was truly another great experience for our guests and a wonderful experience for us hosts.

It’s a huge satisfaction when guests could not stop talking about the local experiences they have just had. They look back at their past holiday experiences…. and soon realise about the BIG difference of staying in a hotel or hotel chain or third party companies or group of holiday homes with so many villas, farmhouses and apartments…..AND the beauty, peace of mind and true experience when guests go local and book direct with the local owner.

Gozo best ftira is very juicy with a crunchy crust – typical of Gozitan ftira bread.  In brief, a ftira or pizza to die for!!! 🙂

ftira Malta

L-ikla t-tajba! / Enjoy your meal!

Ftira making and Free food tasting experience provided to all guests at Holidays on Gozo


Gozo Coastal Walk #1 from Mediterranea Seaviews

Coastal walks from Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo Holiday Home


One of the most popular Gozo coastal walks with our guests at Mediterranea Seaviews boutique self-catering accommodation is certainly to Hondoq bay via Mgarr fishing hamlet.  Pictures were mostly taken on January 11, 2018.

As soon as you leave the Mgarr Marina and the breakwater, you’ll find Zewwieqa bay, a perfect spot for swimming and snorkeling.

The coastal walk actually starts from here.

There is a coastal path from Zewwieqa bay in the fields and on the rock area side between Mgarr and Hondoq bay. The coastal walk itself should not take more than one hour, of course depending if you do not stop very often to take pictures! 🙂

Coastal walks Malta Gozo

Looking back… lovely panorama half way from the harbour towards Hondoq bay.

Coastal walks from Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo Holiday Home

The coastal area is covered in very small shrubs, typically Mediterranean.  Being so exposed to the natural elements, plants and shrubs tend to grow very short, but certainly are very well rooted in the natural rock formations.

Walking holidays on Gozo

Would we get lost? No, definitely. It is an easy to medium level walk and the Gozo coastal trail is clear most of the way towards Hondoq beach. Very important to use the appropriate walking shoes, take enough water to drink and take care especially where the path is very close to the cliff edge.

Walking holidays Malta Gozo

Great view of the little rock formation jutting out from the rest of mainland Gozo.  One of our favourite spots for snorkeling!

Gozo walks Mgarr

Rock erosion due to natural elements. This is actually the erosion of the globigerina limestone, the sand stone quarried here and used in Malta and Gozo for building practically all dwelling structures, churches, palaces, schools, etc.

Gozo walks rock formation

Another close up of the little rock formation and the rich flora diversity in this beautiful natural park on Gozo.

Walking holidays on gozo from Mediterranea Seaviews

While doing this coastal walk, you’ll also find some farm land especially to your left side.  Please kindly respect all farming signs.

Gozo walks Malta

A typical picture of Gozo right now – Gozo in winter time.  Fields covered in yellow Cape Sorrel flowers locally known as l-Ingliza.  This non-native plant was introduced about 500 years ago and gradually became part of the Maltese natural environment.

Gozo walks

During our walk, we met some lovely curious pigeons who kept following us for a while… and this is their selfie! 🙂

Gozo walks birds

Getting closer to Hondoq bay, the environmental habitat changes even more. Less shrubs, less greenery and more wilderness with hard rock formations.

Coastal walks Gozo Malta wilderness

The wilderness area is covered with a number of very low growing shrubs, some of which flower in winter and spring time. The one below is the Mediterranean Heath, locally called the Erika.

Coastal walks Gozo Malta flowers

Certainly, you cannot miss the aromatic wild Mediterranean Thyme.  It grows only around the cliffs and this wilderness area near the coast on Gozo. It normally flowers in June.

Coastal walks Gozo Malta flora

Just about 300 metres from Hondoq bay, you’ll see Ta’ Bamberin cave, a little lovely secluded inlet beach.

Coastal walks Gozo Malta caves

and finally you arrive at one of the most beautiful and popular beaches on Gozo – Hondoq Bay!

Coastal walk Mgarr Hondoq bay

Amazing crystal clear waters at Hondoq Bay.  In fact this beach is rated as Excellent in terms of Quality of Water for public interest.

Hondoq bay Gozo

Enjoy your walking holidays on Gozo!




A true story of Scottish newlyweds on Gozo

Scottish newlyweds on Gozo

Scottish newlyweds on Gozo

A mystery local diver came to the rescue of two distraught Scottish newlyweds when the groom lost his wedding ring while swimming off the rocks at Marsalforn.

Glaswegians Norman Smith, 58, and his wife Susan, 52, had only been married for a day when their honeymoon was derailed by the unfortunate incident in late June.

In their desperation, they dashed to the hotel where Mr Smith’s daughter was staying in Xaghra to retrieve her snorkelling kit, but a 30-minute search on their return proved fruitless.

Dejected, they returned to their car and were about to leave when a car pulled up alongside and the driver started gesturing at them.

“At first I thought we were in his parking space and he wanted us to move,” said Mrs Smith.

“Then I looked closer and I realised Norman’s ring was on his finger – I couldn’t believe it.”

It transpired that a nearby teenage snorkeller had fetched her father, an experienced diver, to help find the ring when the couple left for Xaghra. Together with his son, the diver scoured the area underwater and found the ring lodged behind the ladders which led to the sea.

Not happy with merely finding the ring, the diver and his son then drove around for half an hour trying to find the newlyweds based on the description his daughter had given.

Luckily, they crossed paths just as the couple were about to leave, and Mr and Mrs Smith could not thank him enough.

“We totally thank him from the bottom of our hearts, I gave him a big hug at the time and he probably thought I was a mad woman,” Mrs Smith laughed.

“It is a testament to the kindness of the people in Malta and Gozo. It is easy to commiserate with people when things go wrong but you just don’t expect people to go out of their way like this man did.”

The couple, who were married at Ta’ Frenc in front of seven close family members, are regular visitors to Gozo and will definitely return in future.

However, they may have problems tracing the diver as he only gave his name as ‘Joe’ and he was “in his late 40s”; surely not the only person fitting that description in the area.

But regardless of whether they meet again, Mr Smith has taken an inspirational lesson from the experience: “Everyone out there should never give up hope, especially when you have the amazing help of the kind people of Gozo.”


Photo and text Courtesy: The Times of Malta – by 

Easter Traditions on Gozo

Easter in Gozo

In the Maltese Islands, Good Friday processions involving a majority of the whole community are organised each year. This Gozo photogallery illustrates one of such amazing Good Friday processions on the island of Gozo yesterday – on Friday late afternoon 14 April 2017 at 6.00pm.

In brief, it is a perfect reenactment of the Bible history from the Old Testament to the New Testament reaching its climax in the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ.  During the procession too, about eight large statues illustrating important moments from the fourteen stations of the Cross, are carried shoulder high in the main streets of the towns and villages.

In the Christian faith, Good Friday is the final day of pain and agony before Vigil Saturday and Easter Sunday liturgy changes completely to a highly festive event with cheerful music, bell ringing and whole communities sharing local Easter delights such as the sweet figolli.

On Good Friday, several men (seen dressed completely in white) carry either heavy wooden crosses or chains. They do it for two reasons – one as a thanksgiving to the Lord and secondly as an obligation for what they promised to do in favour of the health of one of their family members.  It is truly an external act of faith, carrying such a weight barefoot for more than two hours.

Easter in Gozo

Easter in Gozo

Easter in Gozo

Easter in Gozo

Easter in Gozo

Easter in Gozo

Easter in Gozo

Easter in Gozo

Easter in Gozo

Easter in Gozo

Easter in Gozo

Easter in Gozo

Easter in Gozo

Easter in Gozo

Easter in Gozo

Easter in Gozo

Shop from your doorstep!

Gozo fruit and vegetables hawker at Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo holiday home

Gozo fruit and vegetables hawker at Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo holiday home

Real travel is meeting real local people, enjoy local food and certainly live like locals do. One of these moments will definitely be when you shop from your doorstep and eat like locals do!

Gozo fruit and vegetables hawker at Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo holiday home

On the island of Gozo, fresh daily fruits, vegetables, bread, pastries and local groceries on delivered each day just right to your doorstep!

Gozo fruit and vegetables hawker at Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo holiday home

At Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo Holiday Home, daily fresh fruits and vegetables and local groceries are available every day Monday to Saturday between 11.30am and 12.00 (Frank’s white van – pictured below this morning) and Toni’s green van between 13.30 and 14.00hrs.

Gozo fruit and vegetables hawker at Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo holiday home
You’ll hear the beep beep!! sound for sure and that means the mobile fruit and vegetables and groceries store is just in front of you door!

Gozo fruit and vegetables hawker at Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo holiday home
For all our guests at Gozo Holiday Home, if you’re not at home, please leave a note and either Frank or Toni will leave you in a bag inside the porch (away from the sun 🙂 with you requested fruit and veg. list.

Gozo fruit and vegetables hawker at Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo holiday home
Travel local. Eat local. Stay healthy.

Gozo fruit and vegetables hawker at Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo holiday home

Live like locals – Eat like locals

Gozo food

Gozo food
Lent time is over… and this is the most important week, known as the Holy Week leading to the greatest feast of all – Easter – the birth or the very beginning of no end!

On the island of Gozo, traditional food is very widespread in the local tiny villages. The so called ‘Qaghak tal-Appostli’ or the Apostles Rings are traditional rings made for hundreds of years.

People on Gozo enjoy buying these freshly baked rings from our town of Ghajnsielem – straight from the wood oven. Many like to eat them as a snack, others sipping them in coffee and tea and children and teenagers make sure it is part of their lunch to school.

Very tasty and not sugary. No chocolate. Few dried fruits and almonds. Excellent treat whether for breakfast, fruit break, tea time, lunch or dinner.

This week, in our town, these popular rings are freshly baked every day till Good Friday.

After these rings, it’s another very popular Easter treat which takes over in practically all local homes… more details another time!

Pictures below taken this afternoon at 6.15pm while sharing some of the freshly baked rings with our current guests – Paul and his family from Australia.

Gozo hospitality at Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo holiday home
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Gozo Adventure Holidays

Gozo by bike

Gozo adventure holidays

Perfectly located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea between Southern Europe and the North African coast, the Maltese islands are a true paradise for some amazing Gozo adventures whether at sea or on land.

At Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo Holiday Home we are just 10 minutes walk to the sea, the beach and all the boat tours to Comino and the Blue Lagoon, half day and full day cruises around the Maltese islands and activities on the entire island of Gozo.

If you like diving, in Gozo it is definitely a must-do activity. We are located just 325 metres to the nearest Gozo diving and snorkelling centre – an excellent well equipped centre for any dives around the island of Gozo and Comino.

At Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo Holiday Home, we provide all our guests with free brand new 21-speed bicycles, helmets, locks, maps and guidebooks. Being locals ourselves, it is a great pleasure to help our cycling guests to discover Gozo by bike on their own – equipped with our local insights to some of the most picturesque cycling spots on the entire Maltese islands.

During summer time, all our guests are most welcome to use all our snorkeling equipment, beach towels and parasols for free. Some of the best Gozo snorkeling sites in crystal clear waters and caves are just 10 minutes walk from Gozo Holiday Home itself.

If you would like to experience Gozo from the sea point of view, we would be very happy to invite you for an amazing free sea kayaking tour including some amazing swim stops and mouth-watering local freshly made food.

We would be delighted to welcome you and your family and friends for a truly unforgettable Gozo adventure holidays.

Mediterranea Seaviews Boutique Gozo Holiday Home
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Barts Medical School Gozo, Malta

Barts Medical School Gozo Malta


Medical School Gozo, Malta
The new campus of Barts Medical School on the island of Gozo, Malta.

The new Gozo Medical School by Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry will be opening on the island of Gozo in the coming months.  The new building will be next to the present Gozo General Hospital.

Many students coming from across Europe, Asia and America are very enthusiastic to learn and progress in their career while studying on the island of Gozo.

The Medicine MBBS Malta will be offering full time courses in the Bachelor of Medicine and the Bachelor of Surgery. The Certificate in Clinical Foundation Studies is a one year duration full time course.

Full details about Barts Medical School Gozo can be found here:

Barts Medical School Gozo Malta
Detail of the state-of-the-art facilities in the new Medical School on Gozo.

Courtesy: pictures from http://www.smd.qmul.ac.uk