Gozo best ftira and pizza – Free Food Tasting Tour of Gozo!

Gozo best ftira


Gozo best ftira preparing and eating in the countryside was the main activity of our amazing free food tasting tour surprise we prepared for our guests from Germany!

After we picked them from Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo boutique accommodation  we visited some amazing hidden local gems, enough to start getting very hungry!

Then, we went for lunch.

No, not a restaurant!

Got to one of our favourite Gozo family bakeries and there we had the Gozo best ftira, the local pizza version perfectly done in the old log oven.

In Malta and Gozo, the ftira has a thicker crust and dough similar to bread making and different toppings.

But the Gozo best ftira looks and tastes are second to none!  

gozo ftira at mediterranea seaviews holidaysongozo.com

There, the bakers and I invited our guests to actually help us prepare the ftiras in the oven.

Guests were simply delighted with such hands-on-activity and pizza making on Gozo.

In these pictures, Rosi and Ewald, our guests are taking out very carefully 🙂 the fresh sheep cheese ftira…

ftira Gozo

…and then also taking out from the old oven the mouth-watering Gozo tuna ftira or pizza.

Gozo ftira making at Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo

The cheese ftira just taken out from the old log oven. Incredible aroma!

Rosi and Ewald could not stop taking pictures!!! 🙂 while at the same time, we were all in a such a hurry to start dining!!! 🙂

Gozo best ftira

After leaving the bakery, we found a secret panoramic spot, away from it all… and there we had the ftiras (plural of ftira) together. 

It was truly another great experience for our guests and a wonderful experience for us hosts.

It’s a huge satisfaction when guests could not stop talking about the local experiences they have just had. They look back at their past holiday experiences…. and soon realise about the BIG difference of staying in a hotel or hotel chain or third party companies or group of holiday homes with so many villas, farmhouses and apartments…..AND the beauty, peace of mind and true experience when guests go local and book direct with the local owner.

Gozo best ftira is very juicy with a crunchy crust – typical of Gozitan ftira bread.  In brief, a ftira or pizza to die for!!! 🙂

ftira Malta

L-ikla t-tajba! / Enjoy your meal!

Ftira making and Free food tasting experience provided to all guests at Holidays on Gozo


Shop from your doorstep!

Gozo fruit and vegetables hawker at Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo holiday home

Gozo fruit and vegetables hawker at Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo holiday home

Real travel is meeting real local people, enjoy local food and certainly live like locals do. One of these moments will definitely be when you shop from your doorstep and eat like locals do!

Gozo fruit and vegetables hawker at Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo holiday home

On the island of Gozo, fresh daily fruits, vegetables, bread, pastries and local groceries on delivered each day just right to your doorstep!

Gozo fruit and vegetables hawker at Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo holiday home

At Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo Holiday Home, daily fresh fruits and vegetables and local groceries are available every day Monday to Saturday between 11.30am and 12.00 (Frank’s white van – pictured below this morning) and Toni’s green van between 13.30 and 14.00hrs.

Gozo fruit and vegetables hawker at Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo holiday home
You’ll hear the beep beep!! sound for sure and that means the mobile fruit and vegetables and groceries store is just in front of you door!

Gozo fruit and vegetables hawker at Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo holiday home
For all our guests at Gozo Holiday Home, if you’re not at home, please leave a note and either Frank or Toni will leave you in a bag inside the porch (away from the sun 🙂 with you requested fruit and veg. list.

Gozo fruit and vegetables hawker at Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo holiday home
Travel local. Eat local. Stay healthy.

Gozo fruit and vegetables hawker at Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo holiday home

Live like locals – Eat like locals

Gozo food

Gozo food
Lent time is over… and this is the most important week, known as the Holy Week leading to the greatest feast of all – Easter – the birth or the very beginning of no end!

On the island of Gozo, traditional food is very widespread in the local tiny villages. The so called ‘Qaghak tal-Appostli’ or the Apostles Rings are traditional rings made for hundreds of years.

People on Gozo enjoy buying these freshly baked rings from our town of Ghajnsielem – straight from the wood oven. Many like to eat them as a snack, others sipping them in coffee and tea and children and teenagers make sure it is part of their lunch to school.

Very tasty and not sugary. No chocolate. Few dried fruits and almonds. Excellent treat whether for breakfast, fruit break, tea time, lunch or dinner.

This week, in our town, these popular rings are freshly baked every day till Good Friday.

After these rings, it’s another very popular Easter treat which takes over in practically all local homes… more details another time!

Pictures below taken this afternoon at 6.15pm while sharing some of the freshly baked rings with our current guests – Paul and his family from Australia.

Gozo hospitality at Mediterranea Seaviews Gozo holiday home
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Strawberries Festival Malta – Festa Frawli 2017

Festa Frawli Mgarr



Festa Frawli

This Sunday, 2 April, all roads in Malta and Gozo lead to the little village of Mgarr for the eleventh consecutive Festa Frawli – Strawberries Festival. Similar to last year, the peak visiting time will be between 10.ooam and 5.00pm.  However, large crowds flock the main square and streets of this village much earlier than 10 in the morning.

Strawberries festival in Malta

In a nutshell, one can say that this Spring festival offers something for everyone. It does focus on the younger ones – the children with various eco-activities and organised games. If you are visiting the Festa Frawli on Sunday, you will find an incredible choice of all sorts of food with one common ingredient – the bright red local strawberries.

Strawberries festival in Malta

How to reach the Festa Frawli by public transport:

The green and white buses no. 44, 238 and 101 leave Valletta to the Strawberries festival in Mgarr throughout the entire day.

Strawberries festival in Malta

A word of thanks and gratitude goes to the Mgarr Local Council, all the personnel involved in the Festa Frawli organisation and the farmers – for their incessant dedication and commitment throughout the whole process of strawberry growing.

Strawberries festival in Malta

Festa Frawli

Festa Frawli

Festa Frawli

Strawberries festival in Malta

Courtesy: Festa Frawli 2017 organisation for all the images.